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Tobie Martinez

Venue Specialist

Hailing from Orange County, CA, Tobie attended the Orange County School of Culinary Arts where he became Pastry Arts Certified. His longstanding passion for food reaches back to when he was a kid, which prompted him to join the Culinary Club at a young age in middle school. His affinity for food led him into a Catering Coordinator position at Champagnes', where he worked until moving on to Jay's. At Jay's, he immediately became infatuated with the process and production of the company.

Now, Tobie describes his career as the fulfillment of his goal to work with a "diamond caliber" team, where the production of events prove one's resilience day-to-day. He understands that he and his team shine brightest under pressure, and the excitement of being a Venue Specialist, constantly working to ensure the quality of his clients' experience, keeps him actively engaged. It's no wonder, by the way, considering Tobie is an adventurous and spontaneous outdoors-man, thriving off of rappelling, kayaking, and hiking in his free time. Tobie's role is crucial for Jay's Catering, as he succeeds in making sure each and every client is walking into a venue that is in the same pristine condition that it was in during the initial venue tour.

Little Known Facts:
Hiked the John Muir Trail in Yosemite National Park
Free Climbed Mt. Baldy
Nurtured, sheltered and fostered stray pets

A Few of His Favorite Things:
Food: Indian and Thai, they're flavorful and spice-filled
Music: He enjoys all genres of music. Music is essential to culture and life, to enjoy it, is to submerge in it
Experience: He absolutely enjoys nature, loves an endeavoring hike or an exhilarating kayaking trip