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Loft 84

Riverside, California

Rooted in Downtown Riverside, Loft 84 regally awaits your next event. Be it a wedding or any other kind of special celebration, this space creates the atmosphere that makes people want to have a great time.

The main ballroom is reminiscent of a classical, romantic era. A wooden beamed ceiling rests high above with circular tiered chandeliers hanging down. The lighting in the room is so soft and sweet that seems as though it is lit with candlelight. Tall, arching glass windows and doors open up the room to the natural light or the beauty of the night.In addition, an indoor rot-iron balcony overlooks the entire floor.

This beautiful venue alludes to romance and allows each event to incorporate its own theme with an elegant undertone. The professional team at Loft 84 is there to help you plan the celebration you have always dreamed of.

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