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Rancho Los Cerritos

Long Beach, California

Rancho Los Cerritos--meaning “Ranch of the Little Hills”--was constructed in 1844 for use as a summer home and cattle-operation headquarters. Many years before this, however, Mexican settlers developed the land that Rancho Los Cerritos rests on. These settlers farmed and resided on the land, planting trees that still grace the premises today. Rancho Los Cerritos boasts over 150 astounding years of California history; cattle and sheep rearing, dairy farming and agricultural development have all come and gone on Rancho Los Cerritos' land.

In the 1930's, the site was renovated by the owner and, in 1955, it was sold to the city of Long Beach and re-opened as a museum. In 1988, Rancho Los Cerritos was designated as an official State Historic Landmark. While the site is still primarily used as a museum to showcase and exemplify California’s multi-cultural history and diversity, it is also frequently used as a special event space.

This venue’s incredible history tells its story through strikingly preserved architecture, which includes a two-story Monterey-style adobe house. The furnishings have likewise been preserved and echo the late 19th century Spanish, Mexican, and American California that the venue perfectly represents. Rancho Los Cerritos’ adobe structures lay on gorgeous, antique, and well-maintained grounds. These grounds are sectored-off into the Inner Courtyard, the Backyard, and the Visitor Center. Trees and foliage are dotted throughout the area, and feature originally-planted Moreton Bay Fig trees, orange trees, and sycamores.

The grounds and original adobe structure are all available for your next event. This place offers a unique opportunity to incorporate California history into your special day. The indigenous foliage and renovated buildings paint the picture-perfect setting and accommodate both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions. If you are looking for rustic charm combined with simple elegance, then Rancho Los Cerritos is the venue for you.

Photos by: Gavin Wade Photographers

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