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Smoky Hollow Studios

El Segundo, California

Smoky Hollow Studios may sound like an eery town in the middle of nowhere, but it’s quite the opposite. This inventive space shines brilliantly when filled with groups of people celebrating a special event. With community in mind, Smoky Hollow is a venue that brings everyone together to have a good time. Whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding reception, the walls of Smoky Hollow cultivate social interactions that will not be forgotten.

The 5,400 square foot studio is located in the South Bay warehouse district known as Smoky Hollow. The possibilities of events to throw at this unique venue are endless. Comfortably ready to seat 175 guests, the facility stretches that maximum number to 250 guests for cocktail style receptions. When the studio was remodeled, smooth concrete floors and exposed wood rafters were uncovered. The simple interior of concrete and wood is a gorgeous look where pops of color and accent decorations can easily be added. They also added a lovely patio for people to venture out for some fresh air. With some comfy leather sofas and a wooden family style table, the space is welcoming just like home. Plus, the warehouse includes a loft space perfectly suited for a bridal suite or an area to prepare for any occasion.

The team behind this quirky hidden gem is ready to help with any of your event’s needs. They’re the perfect set of people to make sure your vision is seen all the way through. At Smoky Hollow Studios, your celebration will come to life and bring with it a whole lot of fun.

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