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The Lazarus Experience

Los Angeles, California

With Hollywood just a stone’s throw away, The Lazarus Experience is a blank space that’s ready to be transformed into any sort of set, stage, or venue. This open floor plan loft meets the needs of a multitude of occasions, easily adapting to fit the scene of each new event experience.

Inspired by the arts of Los Angeles, this empty canvas is waiting to be decorated and enjoyed. Floor to ceiling paneled windows let in natural light that illuminate the entire loft. White paint blankets the walls and ceilings, priming the venue for a different backdrop to be designed for the next coming use of the space. Sitting right in the middle of the fashion district, the building brings an overall industrial feel that mixes in style and exclusivity.

Keeping versatility in mind, The Lazarus Experience is perfect for a range of events from private parties to art shows. The loft spans 6,350 square feet and fits up to 400 people. In case an event calls for hair and makeup preparation, there is a room to accommodate any styling needs. To top things off, roof top access is also available with views of the beautiful Los Angeles skyline.

The perfect space for any event is one that can be decorated specifically to each celebration. The pure interior of this loft enables hosts to create a special look unlike any other social gathering that has previously taken place within its walls. Whether it’s time for a photoshoot or a wedding reception, The Lazarus Experience is ready for it.

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