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The McCharles House

Tustin, California

If you want an idyllic, quaint, and simply lovely historic place to host your next party at, then the McCharles House is the venue for you. Originally constructed in 1885, the McCharles House is a Victorian cottage in the heart of Tustin, C.A. It was initially a private residence, but over 100 years later, it has been transformed into a gorgeous tea room, restaurant, + special event space.

As a venue, the McCharles House is absolutely ideal for an intimate occasion of up to 150 guests. The premises are composed of several beautiful areas, all of which intertwine + allow you to languorously float from space-to-space: The Sequoia Lodge (an homage to the High Sierras), The Summer House & Gardens (featuring a wedding gazebo from the Disneyland Hotel), The Drawing Room (which is decorated according to the season), The Porchside, and The Courtyard.

Each of these sections offers something memorable + unique. The Courtyard, for example, features a small patio; when you step into it, you’re automatically transported into a serene, untouched paradise. Follow the path to The Sequoia Lodge, however, and the ambiance changes to one of rustic, simple leisure. The various segments of the McCharles House blend together to present a uniquely customizable event space, whether you want a vintage-tinged garden wedding ceremony, or an ultra-modern cocktail party.

The owners of the McCharles House are passionate about living green, which is one of the reasons why all of the gardens on the grounds are organic. The lush plants, diverse trees, and abundant roses were all hand-chosen to complement the house’s vibrant color scheme + give a little something back to Mother Nature.

The McCharles House welcomes any kind of special event, including: wedding ceremonies + receptions, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, Bar Mitzvahs, baby showers, tea parties, soirees, and bridal showers.

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