Welcome to Jay's official blog, where you'll find a chronicle of our events, cuisine, and artisan designs. Experience something beyond the mainstream with Jay's Catering. What makes us stand a head above ordinary caterers? Simply: spectacular food, dazzling presentation, and consistent creativity. Our chefs use only the finest ingredients and the freshest produce available to create unique menus for each event. With a flair for the theatrical, you will find traditional favorites like hamburgers and grilled cheese metamorphosed into bite-sized treats served up in inventive new ways. Whether your event is Tuscan themed or an Indian extravaganza, our Chef de Cuisine and his team are masters of every detail and sticklers for taste.

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A Look at Our Gourmet Chambre Plated Menu

As an affordable and refreshing option to a traditional plated service, our Chambre Plated Menu was visualized into reality bringing color, texture, and beautiful sourced foods directly to you. The Chambre Plated Menu is served at ambient temperature with the freshest ingredients, most vibrant garnishes and crafted with the highest quality seasonal offerings making it truly one-of-a-kind and certifiably gourmet. Begin with a light salad course delivered straight to you via one of our professional wait staff where bright greens, reds and purples fill your plate, then ease your way into a pre-selected single or dual entree course. Chicken Sonoma stuffed with wild rice, apricots and almonds, then drizzled in a white balsamic glaze and Chipotle Grilled Flat Iron Steak served with avocado, roasted corn and lime relish are paired with Potato Gratin Stacks with thyme and havarti cheese and Grilled Asparagus topped with bruschetta pomodoro creating a well-rounded, delicious meal. From plate touchdown and first impression, to last succulent bite, guests were singing its praises. Rave reviews on flavor, freshness and composition were shared around each table. This multi-course, visually upscale menu will accentuate and compliment your stunning tablescape making every element look like a work of art for an affordable price. Additional options are available on the menu to satisfy a breadth of tastes.

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