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Gather for an Authentic Argentine Asado

Let us bring the traditional experience of a full Argentine asado to you with our Asado Menu. Fire up the parrilla, invite your family and friends over, and chow down on succulent meats like Pollo, Chorizo, Entrana and more. Our asado experience is the perfect option for a fun, interactive, and safe outdoor gathering. Watch as our asador ignites the coal and wood that will burn for hours as he carefully and meticulously prepares and barbecues the meats for eating. A long and slow process is required to get everything just right, so wine (or your beverage of choice) and appetizers are recommended throughout the event. Empanadas stuffed with beef, chicken, ham and cheese or cheesy spinach are everyone’s favorite Argentinean treat, but don’t forget about the Choripan! Choripan is a delicious Argentinian street food made of chorizo that is lightly seasoned in chimichurri and then sandwiched between two slices of pan (bread). Is your mouth watering yet? While the meat is cooking our asador will assemble your choice of two sides from the following: Ensalada Mixta, Ensalada Rusa, Ensalada de Tomate, or Parrillada de Verduras. You can’t go wrong in your selection as each side is a vibrant and refreshing accompaniment to the main dishes. Once the sides are assembled, the meats come off the grill and are best served immediately to ensure ultimate flavor and satisfaction.

To learn more about our authentic Argentine Asado Menu, click HERE.

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