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Welcome to Jay's official blog, where you'll find a chronicle of our events, cuisine, and artisan designs. Experience something beyond the mainstream with Jay's Catering. What makes us stand a head above ordinary caterers? Simply: spectacular food, dazzling presentation, and consistent creativity. Our chefs use only the finest ingredients and the freshest produce available to create unique menus for each event. With a flair for the theatrical, you will find traditional favorites like hamburgers and grilled cheese metamorphosed into bite-sized treats served up in inventive new ways. Whether your event is Tuscan themed or an Indian extravaganza, our Chef de Cuisine and his team are masters of every detail and sticklers for taste.

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Taste of Alegria-Table on the Farm Dining Experience

In July we had the honor of attending and serving at the Taste of Alegria at the Orange County Great Park Farm + Food Lab where Chef Loghan Call of Planted Cuisine utilized produce from Alegria Fresh to prepare a 5-course, vegan tasting. The dinner was described as a “table-on-the-farm” organic dining experience where food is freshly picked from Alegra Fresh’s 100% organic living soil and then served that same day within a very short span of time between being plucked, prepared, and then plated. This process proves superior in quality and provides nutrient dense foods that promote both internal and external health. With eager eyes and empty bellies, we sat down to learn more about this ethical, zero-waste agricultural process. Below is the beautiful menu we were treated to at the Taste of Alegria.

Opening Drink – “Nettles n’ Roses”
Combination of rose & stinging nettle, mint iced tea with lemon, tumeric and local honey syrup

Appetizer – “Tomorrows Bruschetta”
Toasted sourdough and champagne bread with butter roasted tomato relish, basil, shaved cucumber, walnut crème and pesto

Salad – “Alegria Sexy Seven”
Seven blended kales, wild rice and barley cooked in lemon and thyme and green onion shaved beets, fresh herb blend, cucumber, yogurt dressing, edible flowers, umi plum cream

Chef’s Tasting – “Coastal Vibes”
Couscous, black lentil, celery, poached watermelon radish, herb blend, beet marinara sauce

Main Plate – “Play Together”
Roasted gazpacho tomato sauce, zucchini noodles, blistered cherry tomatoes, oregano syrup, basil, turnip cream sauce

Sweet – “Fig-uratively Speaking”
Thai chili cacao and black garlic ganache, fig, stone fruit, plum puree

Produce: Alegria Fresh // Chef: Chef Loghan of Planted Cuisine

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