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Crevier Classics

Costa Mesa, California

If you and your fiancée are car enthusiasts, then Crevier Classics is your ideal venue choice. Crevier Classics is a state-of-the-art classic car rental and storage facility. It is also a custom garage, community-point for collectors and car-lovers, and a museum-like special event space that can accommodate up to 300 guests for a ceremony and reception. Crevier offers a display of over 100 rare, classic, and exotic vehicles; all of which are privately-owned and act as the backdrop for your special day. In addition, Crevier’s location is convenient, as it is centrally located in the hub of Orange County.

Crevier Classics presents an unrivaled vintage experience for events of all kinds, including: weddings, corporate, business, social, fundraising, holiday and non-profit occasions. This venue has three spaces available for booking: the main event space, the dining room, and the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Lounge. The Lounge was honored with the Calibre Award for its outstanding architectural design. It features a pool table, gorgeous dark wood floors, dining and cocktail tables, a fully-stocked mosaic bar, and three HD flat screen TVs. The dining room offers ample seating and the use of Crevier’s partially covered patio, replete with comfortable lounge furniture.

The classic cars are located in the main event area. They are parked around the parameters of the space, so you and your guests can ogle them all night and feel like you are truly a part of the time in which they were made. Large, vintage art deco car ads are scattered on the walls for that old, bygone nostalgia. This room offers almost 6,000 square feet of space for your event and comes with an array of necessary rental equipment when you book it. Crevier Classics is, lastly, a wonderful venue to get creative with: try renting some vintage-style booths and low two-seater tables to complete an elegant, antique aura for your guests.